New Books: Assimilation2


This week’s New Book continues the Doctor Who theme from this morning. It is a graphic novel and a cross-over between two mammoth science fiction universes, Doctor Who and Star Trek. The item is called Assimilation2 and is a collected reprint of the Assimilation2 comic series starring the crew of Next Generation’s Enterprise and the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory. When Doctor Who’s Cybermen transport themselves into the universe of the Federation they align themselves with the local universe’s Borg. It’s up to the Doctor and the crew of the Enterprise to stop them.
I am a massive sci-fi geek and this item brought together two of my favourite things. Check it out!

Jon Scadding is a Perth-based writer, library clerk, and blogger. He has a Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing) from Curtin University and works in the Western Australian public library system. He blogs at and tweets from @JB_Muttnik.

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